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Consultation with Professionals

One of the greatest privileges of working in the med-legal field is consultation with professionals, both within mental health, as well as with other medical professionals and attorneys.  The purpose of consultation can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Determining what type of immigration evaluation, if any, is appropriate - It is understandable that most professionals are not aware of the different types of immigration evaluations, which type of immigration evaluation may be appropriate, and how a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation may be of benefit, as this is a specialized area, which Dr. Fine has spent significant time studying.  She is skilled to ask a series of questions to help you determine whether an immigration evaluation is appropriate and which type.

  • Assessing whether a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation may be of benefit in assessing psychopathology, personality, behavior, and cognitive deficits; providing diagnoses; and informing recommendations for treatment.

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