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Police Officer Pre-Employment Evaluations

Dr. Fine has completed the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) continuing professional education (CPE) requirements for psychological evaluators, as outlined in Commission Regulation 1955.  She is qualified to conduct initial and second opinion police pre-employment psychological evaluations.

Dr. Fine follows the POST guidelines of administering one psychological test of normal functioning, one psychological test of abnormal functioning, and a personal history information questionnaire; conducting a psychological interview; and reviewing background information.  She then integrates all data to formulate the clinical decision of psychological suitability.  The results of the applicant’s suitability are generally valid for one year unless otherwise established. If an agency allows a second opinion, as part of an appeal process, the repeated psychological evaluation is based on the same requirements as the first.

*Please note that only doctoral-level psychologists are trained to conduct the psychological testing necessary for police pre-employment evaluations.  Mental health providers with fewer years of education and training may offer to conduct lower cost evaluations; however, the results of your assessment may not be accurate, as a result.  Your career is important:  Choose the provider who is most experienced, not the provider who offers the least expensive evaluation.  

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